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Get to know me

Feel free to explore and learn more about me. You can find out where I grew up and the cities I've lived in. Where I studied, the places I've traveled, and the things I've learned. See how and where I began my career, what I'm doing these days, and what motivates me.

This is the Story of Shelly. 

Born and Raised in the City of Angeles

A winter baby in the place where winter never comes. I grew up in sunny Southern California, from West Hollywood to "The Valley", I spent most of my entire childhood looking up at Palm Trees and wandering malls. 

Los Angeles
Golden Gate Bridge

A Brief Stint in San Francisco

Took the Freeway up "North"

Lived in San Francisco for a couple of years, hoping the polar opposite of L.A. would be the place to be. 

But, it just wasn't for me...

Found Myself in Tel Aviv

I truly believe that TLV is a gem of a city- the beach, the bars, the food, the fun- it is magical in its own right. 

Studied Interactive Communications and realized my love for digital and usability. Worked in various start-ups and found my passion for Product.  

Image by Yaopey Yong
Brooklyn Bridge

Thriving in New York

NYC is the place I found my partner in life, bore my children, and grew my career. "If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere" still resonates today. 

The city is always moving around, with you, and sometimes even against you, but if you learn how to keep up, you are that much stronger because of it. 

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