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Product League

Soft Skills: Team Empowerment

Ask Me Anything session, hosted by the Product league on team empowerment! Three veteran PMs discuss how to help your teams feel more empowered from decision making to accountability of their product. 


Applause & DXC Live

From Discovery to Delivery

View my talk on How I Build Products: From Discovery to Delivery, I discuss the framework we've used at American Express. Starting with researching, defining, and aligning all the way to releasing into the wild, I review best practices in the product development process.  


Mind The Product Podcast

Parallels Between Parenting and Product

As product managers, we have to deal with demanding, unreasonable people who hold us to unrealistic standards and want everything delivered yesterday – and as a parent, you have to deal with stakeholders and team members in your home as well!

In this episode, Product Directors Shelly Kalish and Karen Hershenson join us to talk about juggling their careers and families and share some advice on how we can all make the work environment a better one for the parents on our teams.


Product League

ABCD&E: Product & Me

You are the product. It’s time for New Year’s Retrospective. 

I’ve been thinking about how to better myself, those around me, and focus on what’s important.
We have guiding principles in our companies, strategies, in life, in relationships, so why not make some for your career? Taking the time to look back has helped me shape the way forward. In other words, “What kind of a Product Manager do I want to be when I grow up?” and “How can I get there?”

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